About EveHouse
EveHouse is the professional real estate agency since1996
We're the property experts who specialize in Sukhumvit,
CBD of Bangkok and also provide agency service for some big plots of land in the other cities in Thailand.
Our majority clients are the Top Executives, VVIP family and Properties Developers.
If you look for Professional Politely Friendly agents who always try our best and are the most honest for you, Here we're!
"We will be your agent, We will be your best friend" May we help you, sir?
With 26years experience we're easy to understand what you look for. And the right one is good for you.
There are a lot of property listings in our data. However, we're sorry there are still a lot not in the web-site,
you need to call or line to check with us. ( Call 085-3651562 , Line 085-3651562 , Line id : evehouse3 )
PC Web-site (Old) www.evehouse.com
Mobile Web-site (New) www.evehouseland.com

Want to buy, please don't inbox, The Best Quickly response,
You'd better add line ID : evehouse3 or Call 085-3651562 (Thai/English Speaker)
#EveHouseProfessionalAgent #VVIPPropertiesAgent
FB Page : https://web.facebook.com/evehouseland
EveHouse Youtubeproperties Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAPeedTCM9-P-3GxwR4QUWg

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